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Local beaches

Stunning beaches near the Roseland for a Cornish beach holiday with Pollaughan Holiday Cottages

Escape for adults

Grown up holidays

We think the perfect holiday has something to do with a sense of escape and freedom,to do what you like, when you like, how you like.

A Pollaughan holiday for couples is all about what YOU want. That might mean sleeping away the stresses of your working life, going for sail ,wind- surf or kayak, exploring rockpools or a brisk walk on on the Coastpath, getting out of bed after lunch, or just letting your life slow down to a stately, self-indulgently pottering pace.

Whatever you choose, it’s none of our business; we’re as happy to give you a wide berth as we are to fill you in on great local pubs, quiet beaches or the best restaurants. (And if indulgence means having us bring you a fresh farmhouse meal or cooked breakfast then obviously we can help with that, too…)

The Roseland is a place for true escapism from the hustle and bustle of life and a chance to relax and just ..’ be ‘.