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Cornwall’s simply very special indeed and we love to share our little bit of it with you. But with millions of visitors every year its crucial we all do our best to mitigate the impact and preserve the very beauty that makes people want to come in the first place.

What to do then? The answer, mainly, is to do a lot of small things, over and over again. Small and sometimes obvious things, like recycling (which we make easy), choosing to use and buy local produce, not always relying on your car, making sure you take your litter away with you.

Because we’re committed to all this, we do a great deal:

We were Cornwall’s first cottages to be assessed (in 2006) by the nationally-recognised Green Tourism Business Scheme; our environmental impact was assessed in 120 ways, and we delighted to be awarded a ‘Gold’ level.We have retained this at bi-annual inspections ever since our latest being in Oct 2014.

Currently we offer the following Green practices here at Pollaughan:

EV (electric vehicle) we have a fast charge point here you can use for free

Complete recycling

Composting & Wormery

Biodigeter for sewage waste

Low carbon ground source heating