The persona of Alexander Duce has been stolen by fraudsters / scammers pertaining to be Alexander.

The fraudsters sell high value items on ebay, Gumtree and other sites at a realistic price, slightly lower than the going rate.

The scammer will cancel bids on the ebay listing and message to call him, or he lists a phone number on the adverts.

In our case we offered a deposit, which he then tried to take payment over the phone for.

The fraudster stole our bank card details and emptied our bank account.

Abbey Investment Holdings

The real Alexander Duce is a director of a UK ltd company called Abbey Investment Holdings, which the scammer pertains to be from. They will even send a letter headed invoice in the company name. Note the invoice does not have a VAT number.

History Of Reported Fraud & Scamming

According to this post about another Alexander Duce Fraud Case

We can see that the fraudsters have been using the name for at least 3 years. Alexander Duce Fraud Ferrari VIP Scam 2019

More proof of another victim of this scam – this time for a Peloton bike on Ebay.

More proof this time for a peloton bike scam

Phone Numbers Used By “Alexander Duce”

  • 07553695152
  • 07387819319
  • 07389881001
  • 07500 436615
  • 07340 895424

Red Flags That You re Dealing With A Scammer

These points were raised by a user on the Ferrari world thread.

1. The invoices were sent as .JPEG files. Clearly he is editing in Photoshop. Note that the invoices do not include Business or VAT registration numbers, nor any business contact information.

2. Asked why there was no website linked to his – His response was that his company does not deal with the public as they managed high value retail investments – This is obviously BS, everyone has a website now.

3. Got him chatting and he said that his company were building a 680 apartment building in Dubai – I checked all of the company accounts and between all of the companies he is a Director of there is no way that they could be financing this.

4. As proof of him being a genuine person he sent me copies of his driving licence and a Utility bill – Again, the address he supposedly lives at (a 7 Bedroom Mansion in Kent with a swimming pool) had a gas and electricity bill only slight more than mine and I am by no means wealthy.

5. BANKS KNOW BEST – put his bank details into my your banking app and ask him for the company that corresponds to this. Nothing he states ever works because what Multimillion £ business banks with Nationwide – It is his personal account.

6. I paid by Credit Card and what he did was get me to link my Credit Card to his Apply Pay on his iPhone, this is especially bad as simply cancelling a credit card and getting a new one does not stop the fraud, as Apple Pay linked devices automatically get new card details pushed to them. If you fall foul of this please contact your bank and ask them to remove the Apple Pay Token. Never share any code with any vendor – Legitimate or not.

7. He sent through a picture of his Bank accounts showing just enough of the values to make you look and think it is real.

The Summer House, Sevenoaks, TN15

The family that live at The Summer House in Sevenoaks have had to resort to putting this notice on thier letterbox.

The day we arrived to collect our goods In April 23 we were told we were the 3rd person that day to arrive to collect goods “sold” by Alexander Duce and the scammer had been using the address for over three years!

Sign outside The Summer house, TN15

If only I had found this blog post before giving these scammers my card details!

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